minkalab 2018

 Fourth Intercultural Festival

Santa Rosa de Cabal / Colombia

02-04 Feb 2018

The minkalab 2018 meeting was attended by 150 participants with more than 37 workshops that were held over 3 days + a week of preparation. We are very grateful to our sponsors, attendees and mother territory who made this wonderful event.

The meeting took place under the following nodes:

* Food sovereignty: Exchange of plants and seeds / Guardians of seeds / Community gardens / Breastfeeding as the first act of Sovereignty / Uses and recipes for different fruits / Natural cosmetics / Regenerative feeding / Healing and medicine / Remedies, menjurjes, massages, rituals / ...

* Memory, culture and heritage: Word Circle (Elders who want to share their knowledge) / Peace Reconstruction / Rituality / Clay-Ceramics / Video documentaries and animations / Exchange of printed and digital information (books/texts/documentaries) / All forms of artistic-artisanal expression (land-art, performance, dance, theater, clown ...).

* Access to sustainable technologies: / Agroecology, Permaculture (Microorganisms, fertilizers, organic crops, allelopathy...) / DIY-DIO (Do it yourself and with others - Hacking and appropriate technologies of easy access) / Reuse of solid and liquid wastes / Bio-construction / Electronics, radio and telecommunication / Visionary medicines / Free licenses or creative commons...

some of our activities

Ibán de la Montaña (Col): Alternative economy. /// Sergio Luiz Miraña (Br): Radio and alternative energy. /// Colectivo San Antonio (Col): Bus-home self-sufficient housing. /// Parque Explora (Col): Appropriate electronics laboratory. /// Alejandro Araque (Col): Drawing in research spaces. ///  Juliana Valencia (Col): Workshop on natural sweets and living food. /// Escuelas Imaginarias (Col): Archaeological visualization devices. /// Juan Diego (Col): Beekeeping. /// IALA Maria Cano (Col): Farmers school Marìa Cano. /// Corporación Conciencia Verde (Col): Medicinal cannabis for family and pets. /// Jaime Forero (Col): Atrophysics, Spatial Location in the Universe. /// Editorial Diente de León (Es): Balsam, oils, ferments and natural products. /// Erika Medina (Col): Ritual theatre workshop. /// Octavio Bedoya (Col): Workshop Dancing Our Roots With Drums. /// Intermundos (Col): All mothers are healers, Rural Communities. /// Universidad Sin Fronteras (Col): Conversation about Transformer Edudation. /// Taita Camilo Jamioy (Kamentsa): Yahe Ritual. /// Ricardo Garcìa (Col): Temazcal Ritual. /// Ata Amauta (Col): Ritual original fire. /// Gratiferia: Exchange of clothes, seeds, objects, digital and printed information. /// Madre Agustina (Mizak): Traditional midwifery. /// Huerta Rebelde (Col): Urban gardening. /// Guillermo Castaño (Col): Agroecology. /// Jorge Bejarano (Col): Audiovisual Performance Mestizo Machines. /// Tobias y Paola (Alem, Col): Ayurvedic Creams and Dance the Awakening of the Goddess. /// Ana de Azcárate (Ven): Ferments workshop. /// Johanna Villescas (Col): Ritual de enraizamiento sonoro. /// Adriana Zuloaga (Ven): Phytocosmetics. /// Marcel Giraldo (Col): Word circle "peace and life agreements." /// Octavio Bedoya (Col): Dancing our roots. /// Don Baudelino (Col): Traditional organic agriculture "Paocos." /// Grupo Serrania (Col): Traditional music. /// Asbrubal (Col): Art and Technology. /// Oscar Ospina (Col): From chemical to organic agriculture. /// Ramiro Ortiz (Comunidad Kofán Ecuador): Fight against oil company Texaco ...

You should be interested to see our next event in 2020.

*** Guardians of the territories ***

Santa Rosa De Cabal - Colombia

Email: info@minkalab.org

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