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Agri-culture must strengthen and resignify its cultural part (art, science, technology, music, poetry, spirituality ...) in an integral way. We believe in a food security where the peasant processes resume their work in a high consciousness with the universe and personal fulfillment.

Artists, creators and researchers who wish to do their personal work at minkalab, must have a coherent relationship with environmental care and be willing to share their knowledge with nearby communities.

We have three residency modalities:
1) The artists give a daily contribution of 30000 Cop per stay (food is organized by the resident).

2) In cooperation with another institution that wants to finance the residency, we support with letters and work plan. This must be coordinated by the artist/researcher.

3) In a direct cooperation, minkalab and the artist develop a work proposal for the place, we coordinate forms of financing (materials, stay, food, fees).

For the three modalities we offer:
Access to all our facilities (natural reserve, living classroom, workshop, internet, kitchen-lab, ceramic oven, Bamboo forest...) and accessories (bio-construction, agroecology, land-art, media-art). At the end of the residence, the results will be published in our networks and we will carry out a socialization event. The artist has the possibility of offering a free or paid workshop where their fees are included.

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Santa Rosa De Cabal - Colombia


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