2020 guardians of territories

19- 26 january - Santa rosa de cabal

 Description of the event (open to changes):


Deadline Dec. 20 - 2019

The open call closed

Meeting of guardians of territories and support networks.
Exchange of knowledge and strategies on the good living of our community, our body and environment. The territory is an extension of the body that harbors life and happiness. To be a guardian of these temples we need to unite, support and exchange experiences that nurture this work.

The week of preparation for this meeting is Sunday 19 to 24 January and the meeting goes from 24 to 26 January 2020 in the minkalab rural laboratory, Santa Rosa de Cabal-Colombia.

We will work on the following nodes:

The Universe.
Sacred cartographies / biodynamics / cosmovisions / energies and movements / holistic medicine and agriculture / space technologies / visionary medicines / retro-future / ...

The Territory.
Climate change / guardians of territory / seeds keepers / Territory Policies / environmental movements / silvopastoral systems / territorial sacredness / biological corridors / landscape  / bio-construction / good living / Urban gardening / synbiogenesis-symbiosis...

The Body.
alternative medicine / yoga, meditation / medicinal plants / living and regenerative feeding / art and crafts / agroecology, permaculture / ferments / holistic sciences / raising life and education / transgender / artificial intelligence / sovereignty of the body / .......

Support networks.
Collaborative support networks and platforms / cooperative and agro-ecological markets / community economies and licenses / adopt the minkalab 2021 encounter in your territory and community /


Trabajo gráfico: (RP2) Camilo Rodriguez


Santa Rosa de Cabal. Colombia.

Email: info@minkalab.org

Telephone: (+57)3204157666