minkalab 2018



Santa Rosa de Cabal / Colombia

02-04 Feb 2018

The minkalab 2018 event invites groups, projects and individuals to participate and share knowledge through orality, dance, experimental music-sounds, medicines, flavors, construction, rituals, agro-ecological techniques and other forms of expression that benefit the good living of all beings.
You can propose an activity, help in the preparation week (January 29), apply to organize the minkalab 2019 or just come and share.

These are the topics / nodes to wave during the minkaLab 2018:

* Food sovereignty: Plant and seed exchange / Seed guardians / Community gardens / Breastfeeding as first act of Food Sovereignty / Uses and recipes of different fruits / Natural cosmetics / Regenerative food / Healing and medicine / Remedies, natural medicine , massages, rituals / ...

* Memory, culture and heritage : “Círculo de la Palabra” (exchange of knowledge and wisdom) / Peace Reconstruction / Rituality / Clay-Ceramics (we have a burn oven) / Video documentaries and animations / Barter of printed and digital information (books / texts / documentaries) / All forms of artistic expression-crafts (land-art, performance, dance, theater, clown ...).

* Access to sustainable technologies :  Agroecology, Permaculture (Microorganisms, fertilizers, organic crops, allelopathy ...) / DIY-DIO (Do it yourself and with others - Hacking and appropriate technologies with easy access) / Reuse of solid and liquid waste / Bio -construction / Electronics, radio and telecommunication / Visionary medicine / Free licenses or creative
commons ...

* Minkalab 2019: Collectives interested to organize in their territory the minkalab 2019.

We also invite you to collaborate or coordinate one of the following activities during and after the week of preparation (29 January - 2 Feb 2017).

Activities during and after the week of preparation.

Preparation of infrastructure: Accommodation of camping area, parking, areas of workshops, logistics of the event in general.
Bio-construction: Construction of a Yurt in bamboo for a home healing. Geodetic dome construction in bamboo for “círculo de la palabra”.
Video documentaries: Presentation of social and cultural videos.
Documentation of the meeting Minkalab: Alternative techniques of printed and digital documentation.
Regenerative and Raw Food: food preparation for the event, exchange of knowledge about germinated, fermented food ...
Art in nature (Land-art): With the elements of the farm, recycling, inspire and create in this natural space.
Celebration of total lunar eclipse. (31st January)


* During the festival we will have camping places. Likewise we have agreements with neighboring hotels where you can stay and get a special price. For these hotels / hostels we will have a shuttel bus. Information about this service please write to info@minkalab.org


The open call to participate in our festival is closed (29th Nov)

please contact us to:


(+57) 320 415 76 66