ecofarm minkalab

santa rosa de cabal / colombia

We are a private natural reserve committed to the care of the environment, culture and integral education.

The eco farm is a place of healing, inspiration and co-creation.


Workshops and cultural activities
You can propose a group activity or ask for any activity.

Activities around the "good living" such as: Rituality and healing, food security, bio-construction, sustainable technologies, agroecology, among others.

Coffee Tour / Organic farming / Bio-construction

Please contact us to our email or telephone to coordinate activities.

Eco-tourism and lodging

Enjoy our natural reserve, its tranquility and easy access to places such as the chain of snow-capped mountains, hot springs, waterfalls and nearby towns that are part of the cultural coffee heritage.

13 guests / 5 rooms
4 bathrooms / 3 hot showers
Camping area approx. 100 guests
2 Kitchens / Food Service
Washing machine / Private parking
Wifi / Place for fire
Social space for approx. 100 people


Guest House

Motherhouse for events and activities

Kitchen laboratory






Tel: 0057 / 320 415 76 66

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