minkalab 2018

¡¡¡ Minkalab 2018 is back ¡¡¡

Santa Rosa de Cabal / Colombia

02-04 Feb 2018

*** Call for organizers ***



We are looking for groups, individuals, organizations that want to be part of the minkalab 2018 preparation and organization as volunteers. It is the moment to exchange ideas, give all your creativity, and have experience in cultural management to make possible 2018 MinkaLab.


We will have regular meetings online and in person. (August 2017 - February 2018)




Link call for organizers.



Closing date: August 20. 2017

wait for the open call to participate on the MinkaLab 2018

open call : 18 September 2017

1) Volunteer on the MinkaLab logistics preparation week. (February 29-5).


Share with us 5 intense days of construction, organization, decoration, learning to shape the ground of the MinkaLab festival.



2) Do you want to propose and lead a workshop or be a participant during the  minkalab festival 2018?. (02-04 February)


Three intense days of knowledge exchange. Participate by proposing an activity or just attending.




3) Collectives and organizations that want to realize in their territory the minkalab 2019.

By the year 2019 we hope that the model minkalab is replicated and can benefit another territory and collective projects focused on the good living of their communities.

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